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Warmly congratulate our company Wind Power Bearing Workshop on the award of the third class of gear processing workers in Chengdu City Pioneer

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Recently, the Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions awarded our company the "Chengdu Workers Pioneer" for three groups of gear processing in wind power bearing workshop.

Workers Vanguard

For a long time, the three groups of dental processing have been aiming at the safety awareness, quality awareness and first-class team. They have been working hard to strengthen their own quality and improve their professional skills. They have actively participated in the skills competition and technical training of all employees. Through the unremitting efforts of the team members, they have achieved excellent results. Various tasks.

The team members are actively enterprising, diligent and hard-working, and have trained excellent post skills. There are 23 sets of equipment in the gear processing production line. Each of them is skilled in operating more than three kinds of gear. They are skilled in six skills: rough milling, fine milling, gear shaping, hobbing, grinding cutter and hob grinding. They work together to achieve one person, one person and many skills. Effectively avoid production bottlenecks, greatly improve production efficiency.

Everyone in the team strictly abides by the company's safety rules and regulations, strictly enforces the operating rules, adheres to the principle of "safety first, prevention first". Every morning, they publicize the awareness of safety production, conduct one hour of study of safety regulations at regular meetings every month, hold special safety meetings regularly, and summarize production. Safety precautions.

This is a study-loving team. The whole team actively follows the pace of lean production, innovates pragmatically and overcomes difficulties. It has completed the improvement of anti-collision of hobbing machine tool rod threads, visual improvement of feed direction of Nangong big gear milling machine, improvement of gear shaper management, extension of tooling processing range of milling machine, and modification of gear shaper press plate. Nine improvements have been made, such as "Improving the Placement of Tools and Fixtures for Gear Milling Machines", "Improving the Prevention of Collision of Gear Shaping Cutters", "Expanding the Use Range of Tools for Liebherr Gear Milling Machines", "Improving the Filtration of Oil Tanks for Oil Filters". These improvements have greatly reduced energy consumption and production costs.

This time, the team won the honor of "Worker Pioneer" in Chengdu, which fully affirms the efforts made by our company's employees. It also greatly encourages all our employees to vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, create a glorious social style of labor and a spirit of dedication to excellence, and encourage the broad masses of employees to learn from the Chairman's NEW era of Chinese characteristics. Guided by socialist ideology, we will earnestly enhance the sense of pride and mission of the working class in the new era, love their posts, devote themselves to their work and devote themselves to their endeavors. We will take the "Worker's Pioneer" as the driving force, sum up experience, take advantage of the momentum and make further efforts to contribute wisdom and strength to the realization of the strategic goal of "three-step" in Chengdu in the new era.

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